1st stop in Asia: Bali

My first stop in Asia on this trip was Bali. I had been to Bali 23 years ago and had kept good memories of this beautiful island so I was curious how much this place had changed. After trying to acclimatise to the humidity and heat (after a few rather cool weeks in Australia) I picke dup my friend Franz from Vienna from the airport who is travelling with me for 6 weeks and we both headed North to Ubud the next day. Ubud is one of the cultural and artisanal centers of Bali and has become even more hyped after Julia Robert’s performance in Eat Pray Love which was set in this town. We spent 3 days in a really cute little home stay (which was part of a temple and set in a peaceful backyard off the main busy streets of Ubud), visited 6 temples, passed some lush rice field terraces Bali is reknowned for (unfortunately they disappeared most of the time in fog), gazed at processions with hundreds of people walking through the streets and into temples and  enjoyed good food and treated ourselves to a looot of massages (literally every second house is a massage place and you CANNOT walk through the streets without hearing a “Madam Masaaaaaaaaaage, Mister Masaaaaaaaaaage?” every 10 seconds). Naturally I had to follow this call and saw it as a sign so I spent an average 90 minutes per day getting Balinese Massages, Foot Reflexology treatments etc. After our stay in Ubud we drove back to Denpasar where we flew to our next destination, Borneo. All in all I still find Bali a charming place with friendly people, wonderful nature and interesting temples but it surely has gotten much busier and touristy than the last time I was here.

P.S. Mom, this blog and the photos are for you – because we both enjoyed our time in Bali 23 years ago so much!:)


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  1. Mutti says:

    Ja, liebe Brita. vielen Dank für die Widmung. Wir hatten wirklich eine wunderschöne, unvergessliche Reise zusammen.Vielen dank für die schöne Fotos
    Alles Liebe Mutti

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