Animal-mania on the Galapagos islands ( I love Boobies!)

Let me say it upfront: it is impossible to put in words the feeling of lying 1 meter away from a cute sea lion (and seeing another 200 sea lions lined up). It is impossible to describe how funny it is when you watch fishermen filleting freshly caught tuna while a pelican, a sea lion and a marine iguana all sneaking up at the same time to the catch of the day. Is is also not possible to explain what it feels like to walk around on an island, almost stepping every 10 meters on impressive, beautiful land iguanas which makes you feel like you are in the Jurassic Park movie. Oh, and to round thing up: walking through a tiny town around 8 p.m. in the dark and seeing about 400 sea lions all scattered arond town – sleeping on park benches and on children’s playgrounds, infront of houses and on the beach, making incredibly loud and funny noises is also something I could have never dreamed of.

8 days on a boat, cruising the Galapagos inslands, making island excursions and quite a bit of snorkelling – those 8 days felt like a real VACATION (as compared to travelling). One of those places I had always dreamt of visiting. And it was heaven.

Therfore I will let the photos speak. But if anyone of you ever plans on visiting those islands and needs some tips (as there are huge differences in terms of animal-density and variety on the various islands) I am more than happy to throw in my 2 cents.

P.S. if you were wondering about the title: no, I didn’t develop a particular fondness for women’s breasts; the Boobies are one of the most common birds on the Galapagos. Blue footed Boobies, red footed Boobies and Masked Boobies. And I sure liked those phantastic birdies!


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  1. Ron says:

    Wow Britta, what an amazing pictures. Like you write it’s impossible to discribe the feeling. But it must be great!!!! I see you are enjoing it by the fullest. Galapagos is defenately on my list now.
    Have a great time and journey.


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