…is what I came up with so that I wouldn’t have to leave paradise called Nabuccoisland (www.nabuccoislandresort.com)  – but in the end they just remained ideas.

Flush the ticket down the toilet!

feed it to the fish or to the iguana!

give it away to the nice waiter who is looking for a European woman anyway!

let the wind or high tide take it away!

or just rip it into thousands of pieces!….

I just returned from 2 weeks (plus a few unexpected days extra) in paradise. Paradise in terms of weather, people, diving, walking barefoot 24/7 and a place you can truly relax.

After a quite exhausting 36 hour trip (3 stops by plane and a 4 hour shuttle ride by boat) we – my friend Ron from Holland and I – arrived at this little well-hidden gem off the Eastcoast off Borneo – a tiny island 200 metres in diameter and a 3 minute walk to circle by foot. The moment we set foot on the island where we were welcomed by the incredibly friendly staff we felt that the sign placed at the boatdock „welcome to paradise“ could be taken literally.

With only 6 guest in the first week and 13 guests in the second week on the island I experienced a „Robinson Crusoe-feeling“ like I have never did before (and probably never will again): far away from the mainland, no noise or people, only the sea right in front of your nose. Watching turtles sticking their neck out of the water right in front of your bungalow porch, fish chasing each other and jumping out of the sea as if you were in Sea World (only sooo much better!),  iguanas walking around the beach or doing their evening swim laps in the ocean, little hermit crabs cheerfully walking across your beach towel and in the evenings after sunset flying dogs (no, I was NOT drunk, I mean those funny creatures which are a crossover of a bat and a dog) gliding over the rooftop. What a life!

The diving there was really nice, great walls covered with nice soft and hard corals, sponges, tons of nudibranchs, turtles throughout all dives, clownfish, and occasionally big schools of barracudas and a few sharks.

My 2 most impressive experiences in the water were quite different from each other, both being encounters I will never forget.

I finally had the pleasure of spending about 20 minutes with Mantas in the sea, creatures so amazingly beautiful and gracious that it is impossible to describe the feeling you get when those giants with over 3 meters wing-span swim towards you and then softly drift off and glide into the deep. They came so close that you could almost touch them and every time they came out of the dark and you began seeing their silhouette gave me a shiver.

On another day we went to a very unique lake – to be precise there are only 2 other lakes known so far on this planet which feature the same phenomenon: this brack-water lake inhabits thousands and thousands of jellyfish that do DOT sting. We first drove to the island and walked with our divesuits through mangroves, up and down a few hills until we reached the lake which is in the heart of the island. We snorkeled towards the center of the lake and only after about 15 meters the density of jellyfish increased enormously so that you had to stay still at the surface not to injure those delicate creatures with your arms or fins. From the surface to about 3 meters depth there were thousands of jellyfish around you! It felt incredible to touch them gently and to see them float all around you. I felt like I was in space (and a bit like in the movie “the Abyss”) – a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!!


So island life consisted of getting a wake-up SCREEEEAAAAM from the flying dogs at 5.15 a.m. sharp, having nice Indonesian breakfast, going diving, lunch, diving again, staring out to the sea, reading or doing a bit of nothing, betting on which hermit crab crosses your towel first, having a Gin Tonic during sunset and then eating (again!) very yummie fresh seafood or other local dishes…very tough, I know!:)

Unfortunately the time went by in light velocity and we had to head back home…well, not quite yet as we soon found out when we arrived in Singapore. 20 hours after the volcano eruption in Iceland we came to know that airspace was closed and that we were stuck in Singapore. For 5 days it turned out in the end. The only annoying part of the stay there was that all we heard from the airlines was “sorry we have NO information” or you got 6 different kinds of information from 5 people. Running the gauntlet par excellence.

But I truly believe that every tough situation has its good sides too, and through this incident I experienced once again that the greatest gift (besides heath) is good friends.

I was very lucky to meet Pauline and Terence from Singapore during my round-the-world trip in Tasmania last year and we stayed in touch after that. When we got to Singapore we hooked up with them and they showed us so much hospitality and were a huge support in every way. They showed us great sights of the city, introduced us to local food (yummie) and their nice friends and let us stay with them.

5 days after our arrival in Singapore we managed to get flights back and now I am back in far too cold Vienna, digesting the experiences and enjoying all the good memories of this special trip.

And I especially want to thank my dear friends for making this trip so special: Ron (Mickey Mouse), thanks for being such a great travel partner. Pauline & Terence (& AxelJ), thanks for your warmth and hospitality (can’t wait to show you the Alps in autumn!)

 And thanks to all of you who read this blog all the way to this final line!:)



 P.S. maybe one day I have the guts to turn one of those 1001 ideas into reality….:)


About Brita Graser

my biggest passion: travelling. That's why I created this blog - to share my adventures and experiences with of of those who have the same interest. enjoy!

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