my trip is coming to an end, I am flying back to Vienna tomorrow. I can’t believe I have been travelling fo ralmost 6 months because it seems that I had veen away for only a short time – I can still remember saying goodbye on the airport as if it was yesterday.
the last 5.5 months was the best time in my life and I didn’t have a single day that I regret. I also don’t regret having left Austria without having a “secure” job once I come back because then I would have never experienced what I have experienced in that time.
I met amazing people. learned about various cultures, experienced nature in a way I never dreamed was possible and crossed the limits that I had set so dar in my life (in terms of physical exercise and exploring nature all by myself).
I am very thankful and happy about every single experience I made and I want to thank all the people who supported me before and during my trip, who kept me company in their thoughts while I was travelling and also to all the amazing people whom I met during my trip and who enriched my experience enormously!
It is impossible to express or sum up what I feel about my trip but I am more than happy to share some thoughts and stories with all of those of you who are interested.
Ithanks again to everybody and also a very special thanks to:
my hiking boots who supported my during my whole trip
my walking poles who took a lot of weight off my legs during 570km of hiking!
to the whole OVerland Track gang for sharing great moments during our hike
to Pete for your great hospitality
to Helen for the fun we had (especially camping and following footsprints on the dunes:))
Aidan and his mom for their hospitality
to Ester and Andreas for sharing great moments in Cambodia
to all the fellow travellers whom I met in the huts in NZ
to Anna for her company in Auckland
to my Mom and Dad who were happy for me that I had such a great time travelling
Mercedes who waded through 48hours+ in rain during the Routeburn hike and who was the best Spaceship-buddy in the world
to my “Babe” for being in contact with me during my whole trip and who made me feel that there was someone at home who cares about me!:)

About Brita Graser

my biggest passion: travelling. That's why I created this blog - to share my adventures and experiences with of of those who have the same interest. enjoy!

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  1. Pete says:

    It\’s so good to hear that you were able to discover so much about the world and yourself through making the effort to travel and push yourself into new experiences and when necessary, to throw caution to the wind. and I\’m so glad that I was some small part of it. The adventures continue

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