Check out my new photos of 1 month in NEW ZEALAND
my first month in this beautiful country has just passed and I have almost cruised around the whole South Island. It is hard to sum up all the experiences I had but I will try my best to do so:
the Kiwis are an absolutely relaxed and friendly bunch of people and it is a pleasure talking to locals (although it can be hard at times to FIND locals because the majority of the people I run into are other travellers from abroad!). Although I haven’t even been to the North Island yet I have the feeling that I have travelled around many different countries while just being on this one island because the nature is so different in the south, west and north! My first part of the travel was along empty, windswept, long, sunny beaches – full of wildlife and wilderness. Then after I picked up my friend Mercedes in Queenstown a “new” part of exploring the island started, i.e. rainy, misty weather in alpine regions – dominated by mountain lakes, valleys with hundreds of waterfalls and rivers passing through them, snowy mountain peaks and many Lord-of-the-Rings moments!:)) we did some great and challenging hikes, some of them in non-stop rain and cold winds, but the comfy and dry mountain huts made up for the weather – and it was a great experience to challenge the body and mind to walk in “no-matter-what weather” (as the Kiwis say: “there is no bad weather, there is only poor equipment” – and ooooh yes, there are so right!). On the huts we met great hikers from all over the place and it made a very special atmosphere to chat in teh evenings infront of a stove, trying to dry the inner soles of your hiking boots (useless attempt, I have to say!).
We the drove along the Westcoast and went on a Glacier Helihiking (I think I wrote about it in my last blog!) and stopped at a nice beach (more seals!) until we reached the Northwest end of the Island where it felt like being in the Caribbean! Turquoise water, bright beaches, warm and SUNNY weather and an easy hike in the Abel Tasman National Park along the coastline – staying in nice beachhuts over night and seeing MILLIONS of stars in the clear sky.
After Mercedes left 4 days ago (lucky her headed to the Cook islands!) I took the inland route heading south again and stopped at Nelson Lakes National Park to do an amazing hike along the ridge of a mountain  -the weather was great and I had the ULTIMATE Lord of the Rings feeling (I notice I quote that movie quite often but I think it describes it best  – for all of you who have seen the movie). I stayed at a nice (but overcrowded) hut right at a mountain lake and the next day I hiked down a steep route which was real torture for my knees (they were really upset at me but I think we are communicating again!:)
Today I drove all day and now I am sitting at a computer 20 km away from Mt. Cook which just turned purple and orange in the sunset. This mountain is NZ’s highest mountain and it has an incredible aura..I could stare at it all day – it is a Glacier and completely covered in snow and ice….
TOmorrow I will attempt my most challenging (and exciting) hike: an overnight hike up to Mueller Hut (1000 metres climb in 5-6 hours..straight up all the way) from which you should have stunning views of Mt. Cook and Mt. Tasman.
The weather should be fine and if I am lucky I will see a lot of 3000 metre peaks!
After that I will stay on the south island for another few days and then head up to the North Island….for all of you who don’t know it yet. I have a final return date: will be back in Vienna on the 23 of April!
But until then I will get many more kilometres on my feet!:)))
Check out my new photos of 1 month in NEW ZEALAND

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