I thought a lot about what I should write in my blog about Tasmania and I started over about 3 times already….I guess if I tried to explain what I experienced in this last month it would not only take me tons of pages, I think that in the end I would be dissappointed because there is simply no way of describing the 360 degree view from a lookout at Crade\le Mountain, the excitement of seeing Possums and Wombats, Wallabies, selas, Penguins or Snakes in the bush, the smell and sound of the rainforest after light summer showers, the sight of valleys dipped in fog right after getting out of your tent i\early in the morning, the sound of various birds early in the morning or in the evening, seeing a sky covered with millions of stars while camping in the middle of the forest, the friendliness and open-heardeness (does that word exist?) of the local people, and a whole lot of other things…
I had the pleasure and luck of getting to know and spending time with friendly, fun open and very warm people (thanks Pete, Helen, Aidan and the whole Overland Track bunch!), of seeing an amazing variety of wildlife, plants and landscapes (the rainfores still touches me in a way that is unbelievably beautiful!), doing incredibly great walks in several National Parks (particularly the OVerland Track, Tasman National Park and Bruny Island!) across the island and of having a very relaxed time while driving along the major areas of the island… it is such an easy and relaxed place to travel..no planning in advance necessary..just hopping in the car and driving from one National Park (paradise!) to the next one…while stopping at a berry farm and picking your own blueberries or sampling some EXCELLENT cheese…bushcamping next to deserted long white beaches (with saukaltem water unfortunately:) or at mountain lakes or in the middle of a tropical rainforest with hardly any people around you!!
I would recommend this beautiful island to anybody who likes to spend a peaceful time in amazing nature – I really loved this place and could have easily stayed there muuuuuuuuuch longer!
I will keep this place and all my experiences deep in my heart and I am looking forward sharing some impressions by showing you some of my photos when I come back! in the meanwhile I uploaded some photos on this site – hope you like them!:)
I arrived in New Zealand yesterday and am starting my “exploring the island” tomorrow! 🙂

About Brita Graser

my biggest passion: travelling. That's why I created this blog - to share my adventures and experiences with of of those who have the same interest. enjoy!

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