Hallo allerseits, hi everybody!
just a short message to let you know that I haven’t been bit by a deadly snake, eaten by a seal, jumped on by a Wallaby or followed by a penguin – but I have seen all those amazing creatures in the past few days and I am LOVING it! it is like a big open zoo without barriers here – soo much wildlife and beautiful nature, forests, mountains, incredible beaches with untouched deserted beaches and lovely views along steep coastal cliffs! I will be writing a detailed story when I get to a decent Internet cafe (which are very hard to find on the island!) on the 3rd of February! okidoki – enjoy the cold while I am “suffering” in 28 degrees weather!:)))))

About Brita Graser

my biggest passion: travelling. That's why I created this blog - to share my adventures and experiences with of of those who have the same interest. enjoy!

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  1. Chris says:

    Speaking of cold…it is -4C here in Atlanta… ATLANTA?!?! Wish I were back in Vienna 😉

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