After my great week of diving on the Similan Islands I headed off to Koh Lanta to spend Xmas there. I was really amazed about how touristy Thailand is or has become and it was quite a “shock” after Nepal and Cambodia to be surrounded by tons of tourists and far too many souvenir shops and cheap bars catering to the typical Hausmeister guests:)! the beaches on the island were o.k. (except for low tide time where it was very rocky and you would have had to walk hundreds of metres to get to the water) and the nice thing were the many comfy bamboo huts right on the beach with many pillows and good food to hang out and just read or do nothing. After a few days there I moved to Krabi where I went for rock climbing. The limestone rocks are a really pretty sight and the climbing was great fun! I did 4 days of climbing with a really good and patient climbing guide named Porn (really, no kidding!:))  and he tought me several things which I might forget by the time I go climbing again but it was great fun and very tough on my arms (I felt like they became long monkey arms!) of the beaches there – Phra Nang Beach – was very nice but super crowded since New Year is about the busiest times of the year. I had a quiet and nice New Year’s Eve with 2 Norwegian families which I have met on Koh Lanta and we had dinner on the beach. Most of the days on Krabi we had untypically not-so-good weather with frequent rain and it was very clowdy. Those days were good to relax though and I ate far too much food which was very greasy (tons of oil in every meal!) and became wuite lazy!:) Nice though to have had some warm weather before heading off to cold Vietnam!

About Brita Graser

my biggest passion: travelling. That's why I created this blog - to share my adventures and experiences with of of those who have the same interest. enjoy!

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