hi my dear travel friends/REisebegleiter! just a quick update because I am actually sitting at the computer of a really nice travel agent who allowed me to use it for a few minutes becasue there is NO internet cafe anywhere near: I am in THailand right now (yes, I still havent given you ANY update on my amazing Cambodia trip from last week which I will definitely still do!!!) and I just arrived on lad close to Kao Lak – coming back from a really really great 4 day dive trip to the Similan Islands!!!
It was super-duper fun! 4 dives= 4 hours of diving EVERY day, great visibility, tons of nice fishies and great big coral fields, nice dive-staffa nd a solid good boat. what moer can you ask for! Unfortunately we didnt see any Mantas or the whaleshark which they saw the trip before us – buthey, baybe I get lucky over the next 4 days – because I decided to treat myself to one more 4 day ddive trip on this boat as a x-mas persent to myself…same boat, same trip, but every time you enter this beautiful underwater world you see different things! so I will hop on the boat right now again (after stocking up on CHOCOLATE which I desperately missed after all this saltwater:)) and then I will pray for a few mantas and whalesharks!
I wish all my dive-friends (Nicsi, Uti, Markus, Doris, Uschi, Andi and all of you who I might have forgotten due to my high-above-average nitrogen level!!!) would be here with me and we could enjoy this trip together!!!!
WOW< I just realized that I have SERIOUS SEA-LEGS (that is the sensation you feel when you get back on land after days out on the ocean! Everything is moving and going left and right, I feel like I will fall off the chair any second! the cheapest way to feel tipsy!:))
anyway, I will be back obn land on the 22nd and then go to Ko Lanta (island in Thailand ) right away to spend some days on the beach (I do NOT miss the cold and snow) and I will pick a palm tree which I will decorate as my X-mas tree for the 24th:))
write to you soon!
P.S. Cambodia was really a great experience, can’t wait to upload photos!:))

About Brita Graser

my biggest passion: travelling. That's why I created this blog - to share my adventures and experiences with of of those who have the same interest. enjoy!

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