unfortunately I haven’t started my trek yet because I cought a lung infection on my way to Pokhara and therefore I am staying in Pokhara for a few days till I get better….the day before I left Kathmandu I visited 2 really interesting places: Pashupatinath is a wellknown hindu temple set right on the main river of Kathmandu. I experienced my first cremations there which was a very strange experience – on the one hand there is not such a heavy, dark and sad atmosphere like at western funerals and on the other hand seeing a body being burnt right infront of me made me very emotional – it is such a different experience! after the morning there I walked to another very famous buddhist temple (named Boudha) which gave me a totally diefferent experience – monks with their flowing orange and red robes, the horns and drum sounds coming out of the temples and a beautiful stupa in the middle of the yard..incense stick smells, chanting monks sitting on the streets and beautiful views from rooftop cafes overlooking the stupa.Experiencing the 2 different religions on one day was an interesting thing – I definitely have a thing going for Buddhism and I decided to spend my last day at Boudha again to suck in the atmosphere when the majority of the day tourists are gone and when the place becomes quieter (and because my lungs would otherwise go on a serious strike if I stayed another day in the smoky tourist area of Thamel in Kathmandu).
The drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara was very nice too – although 6 hours in a bus on shaky and rocky streets is not my favourite thing time still flew by becasue the nature is so nice and the rice terraces and gorges and little towns are so interesting to look at.
I just visited a women’s skill development project place in Pokhara where 350 women produce beautiful hand woven things (bags, purses, pillowcases and TONS of little YETIS!!) and the owner who founded the place 33 years showed us around  – the money goes to improving the education of local women and it supports them in getting more independence and freedom. When you see how much time and effort goes into producing a little bag you definitely apperciate buying handmade items much more! okidoki, I will get to my little Nirvana (my hotel is called that way) and do some reading and hopefully get better for my trek…

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my biggest passion: travelling. That's why I created this blog - to share my adventures and experiences with of of those who have the same interest. enjoy!

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  1. Harti says:

    Liebe Brita,falls Du Dich wunderst, dass Dein Vater Nachrichten schickt, möchte ich mich hiermit als die im Hintergrund agierende Graser Administratorin vorstellen. Ich bin die Frau von Ernst Schmid (Vorstandskollege Deines Vaters) und Stiefmutter von Werner Schmid. Wir beide kennen uns noch aus Kitzbühel. Am Sonntag habe ich Deinen Vater (leider mit falschem Harti) bei Windows live registriert, da er Deine Reise natürlich gerne verfolgen möchte und zum ersten Mal die angenehmen Seiten eines Computers schätzen lernt. Ich drucke Deine Berichte jetzt immer aus und faxe sie an Karin, damit er stets auf dem neuesten Stand ist. Ich verfolge demgemäß Deine Reise auch und wünsche Dir erstens gute Besserung und zweitens weiterhin viel Spaß bei Deinem Abenteuer.Liebe GrüßeKatharina

  2. Unknown says:

    Hello there… I hope that you are feeling better and get to continue on soon! The adventure already sounds amamzing. I can only imagine how peaceful the monks and the horns and drums were. I am sure that it is something very special to see and take in. Today is the last day of my vacation… Had one week off – Chad and I rented a house in North Georgia and ventured around to different areas (springs, the "highest" point in Georgia) and had a wonderful and relaxing time. We also then went to Savannah for one night and spent it in a historic inn in the middle of downtown. We went by Ken and Liisa\’s old house and had a very nice week away! Now it\’s back to work – BOOO…. I hope that you have a safe trek and I look forward to seeing pictures! Be safe… Love Nikki

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