as a nice welcome the weather decided to go really nasty here in Vienna! THe last 4 days of my stay in Melbourne were great, a cool city with hundreds of nice bars, cafes and restaurants, good museums and a pretty cosmopolitan crowd of people. And the little suburbs all have their own centres, there is an Italian area, a Chinatown of course, a Vietnamese area, a SPanish one, etc. etc… so whatever you feel like experiencing you just hop on the tram and in a few minutes you have the feeling of being beamed into another country!:)
Looking back on my 6 weeks of Australia I have to say that it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I loved the diversity of this continent – I covered so many different climates, landscapes – from the desert to the rainforest jungle, from deep down in the ocean on the Great Barrier Reef to the top of mountains and canyons. Here are some of my favourite and some of my most disliked things I experienced in Australia:
WHAT I REALLY LIKED: seeing a cassowary, friendliness and helpfulness of the people, all animals (especially koalas, kangaroos, sea lions, birds, lemon ants,.andandand……………..), sharkfeeding, falling asleep in the rainforest while listending to the sounds of the wildlife, getting up early and watching the sunrises, seeing the milkyway and millions of stars almost every night, gettting fresh fruit juices on every streetcorner, the Australian “no worries”-attitude, the friendly Greyhound bus drivers and many other things!
WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: almost colliding with a cassowary, 1-ply toilet paper, Vegemite (Australia’s favourite yeast bread-spread -YUCK!), sandwiches with rubber-like toast bread, heavily snoring roommates in the hostels (some of them were nightly storytellers too:) – and maybe some other minor things.
I can definitely say one thing though for sure – whoever hasn’t been to Australia yet should put in on his/her to-do list – it has something to offer for every taste and interest!
THanks for dropping in on my blog and for having virtually accompanied me during my travel!:))

About Brita Graser

my biggest passion: travelling. That's why I created this blog - to share my adventures and experiences with of of those who have the same interest. enjoy!

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