ANother interesting experience was the 1-day tour to Barrossa Valley, one of the famous wine regions in Australia. IT was really nice to see the vineyards and the different landscape compared to Austrian wine areas but the 4 wineries we went to were a bit dissappointing, I have definitely had better Australian wines in Austria than there – nevertheless it was fun and a good experience. The next day I started the 3 day tour on the Great Ocean Road towards Melbourne – quite a remarkable landscape, beautiful coastlines and nice beaches and cool rock formations. ON the second day we got into a really heavy rainstorm and had to shorten our sightseeing quite a bit but we caught up on the next day and did pretty much everything there is to see (except for the millions of hikes and walks you could do in the region, but of course you would need weeks to do that!). The group of people I tracelled with was a weird mix of folks from different countries and different backgrounds – that was the first time in 6n weeks that a few people didnt know that Austria was a country!:)) 4 days in Melbourne followed – I LOVE this city – and now I am on SIngapore Airport on my way home:(((
one last blog when I get back home (I already summed up my “What I love about Australia” and “what I don’t quite like that much” lists..
see ya!

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my biggest passion: travelling. That's why I created this blog - to share my adventures and experiences with of of those who have the same interest. enjoy!

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