After my stay on Magnetic Island (with my cute cuddly Koalas) I headed off to the Whitsunday Islands which consist of 74 islands just off the the mainland  of Airlie beach. The Whitsundays are a sailing-persons’s dreams, nice consistent wind, beautiful harbors with nice yachts (!) and nice areas for snorkling (and o.k. diving). I had a choice of several boat types – from maxi  sailing racing boats (which means hard work on the boat and you lean towards the water at a pretty steep angle for a pretty good part of the time) to party boats (people are an average 20 years old and get drunk the minute they board – noooooooooooooot for me!) to old style nice sailing ships (almost picked that) to purpose-built diving boats (yep, for me) where you can also chill out and lie on the sundeck. I was lucky because the other 16 passengers were really nice (more than half of them from Germany) and it was a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere. We visited one really nice beach (3rd most photographed site in Australia after the opera house and Ayers Rock) which was great at low tide because all the sandbanks came out and you were walking on a huge area of turquoise coloured shallow water. The rest of the 3 days we drove to the outer Great Barrier Reef and did some (not so exciting) dives and just hung out close to the islands. On our way back to the harbor we saw a group of 3 humpback whales who accompanied us for a minute and I was lucky enough to see 1 humpback whale far out on the ocean jumping out of the water (they have this amazing way of jumping out all the way and then throwing themselves on their back, it looks awesome! There are 3 theories why they do that: 1: they want to get rid of the little shells growing on their back, so basically it’s as if they want to scratch their back:) 2: impressing the females, some sort of mating ritual. 3: I forgot:(
I was able to hear the whales during both of my dives there for the whole’s amazing when you hear them sing and you know they might be 1-3 miles away from you!
Right after the Whitsundays I hopped ont the bus and arrived at Harvey Bay 12 hours later. Harvey Bay is the starting point for the Fraser Island tours. Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island and you can drive around with a 4×4 vehicle and the road is the BEACH! there are also some inland (that is inisland) roads which are preeeeeety bumpy! Fraser Island was unfortunately my worst part of my trip so far because I got stuck with a bunch of 21 airheaded, juvenile, loud (ENGLISH!)kids in the 4×4 vehicle who only wanted to get trashed every night (drinking games started at 6 p.m.). Since it was a self-drive trip, meaning that the tour company gave us the vehicle, tents, camping gear and a road map and sent us off to do the tour on our own you are in trouble if the people you are put together with are airheads. So visiting the Island is great if you have a good (SMALL) group to go with and definitely NOT when you have to experience the Big brother effect (That was enough for me for a lifetime!).
After coming back from this very “interesting” trip I went to Noosa Beach the next morning which is a really posh, cool and beautiful area down south. The little town is full of nice shops, cafes and bars (it really looks like a mini mini version of Palm Beach in Florida) and the beach was very nice too! So I treated myself to a nice hotelroom there for one night (after sleeping in a crowded tent on Fraser Island for 2 nights) and enjoyed the last rays of sun before heading to Brisbane and flying to Adelaide where I am now. I am going to Kangaroo Island in 1 hour which should be a lot of fun because the is loads of animals there (Koalas, seals, Penguins, and of course Kangaroos). Will be back in 3 days! 🙂

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my biggest passion: travelling. That's why I created this blog - to share my adventures and experiences with of of those who have the same interest. enjoy!

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