sI finally had a lucky streak regarding spotting some of the fascinating Australian wildlife (so far pretty much every animal must have been hiding behind the bush from me!). My 3 days in Mission beach in an incredibly nice and cosy little place in the middle of the rainforest ( were really relaxing – and exciting at the same time. Because I had quite a few interesting encounters with the world famous Australian CASSOWARY bird. An endangered species – only 1200 of those interesting looking birds are still alive – and they can be dangerous when they feel threatended. They look rather amazing and quite lame at the same time (like big EMUs with a hard horn ont heir head)  but when you check out their feet you know why they can be dangerous. When threatened they jump with their feet at their aggressor (or whoever they feel threatened by) and pretty much rip their guts out they have 3 claws and the middle one is preeeeeeeeeeetty long – kind of dinosaur like)…so when you see them you have to step back slowly, facing them and putting an object, preferably a tree – between you and the cassowary. I got to see them there every day…one day I almost collided with one which was standing around the corner on one of my hikes…so I hiked back all the way to the hotel because there was no way I was able to pass this big guy on a narrow path! Another good one was when I had a massage (YES! I gave myself a nicve treat twice:)) and the masseur said in the middle of the massage “would you like to lift your head for a second?” and when I looked up this massive casowary (named Barbara!) stood 1 meter infront of me (with the glassdoor between us though luckily) and looked at us, tilting its head sideways and then slowly making its way to search for some more food in the rainforest..pretty amazing! SO I was knows as the Cassowary girl up at the hotel already and everybody made fun of me (because I told them when I arrived how badly I have been wanting to see one and from that moment on I saw them ALL the time!). And I also got to see an ECHIDNA during a bushwalk..pretty cute a porkipine with a long nose!). SO those 3 days were really good! On the 3rd I headed to Magnetic Island to spot some Koalas and Wallabys, on the 5th I came to Airlie Beach and went on a 3 day Sailing trip around the Whitsunday Islands  – pretty cool!!! and now I am going to drive to Fraser Island.My bus is leaving in an hour, so I will update you on my last 2 stops when I get back from my 3 days at Fraser Island (the biggest sand island!)…see ya!

About Brita Graser

my biggest passion: travelling. That's why I created this blog - to share my adventures and experiences with of of those who have the same interest. enjoy!

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