…..tthis was definitely a very challenging part of my journey! I had already booked my roundtrip to Ayers Rock from Vienna (I thought I was being smart!) and when I tried to book a 3 day tour for the area it turns out that all those tours start or end at Alice Springs -another airport than the one I was using! Then it was really tough to get a room for the area – the price there are amazingly high so the hared rooms are booked out very fast! but in the end I got the rooms and y plan was to rent a car to get from Ayers Rock to Kings Canyon which is a 310 k drive…after arriving at the Airport I go to the HErtz and Avis desk and ask for a car – next surprise: all cars are booked for the next few weeks and I finally get the LAST car at a local rental car copany ..the LAST one (lucky me!)…but from there on the trip was great! I hit the road right away and drove up to Kings Canyon to the "resort" and cecked into my room wich I shared with a really nice German couple. Next morning I headed off to Kings Canyon which was only a few km away from the resort and luckily a really nice Aussie tourguide who happened to start the hike with is group at the same time aked e if I wanted to tag along – which I did – and it was awesome becaue those guides are very knowledgable and tell you a lot about geology, plants and the area…after a beautiful 4 hour hike I drove back to Ayers Rock and spent the next 2 days there..and I did everythin there, sunrises, sunsets, a hike around the Rock (9,5k), an aboriginal tour and finally the highlight for me – not the Rock itself, but KATA TJUTA – or also called THE OLGAS – a beautiful rock foration 55 km away from Ayers Rock..ad the most beautiful 3-hour hike right through them! The accommodation at Ayers Rock was somewhat shabby, and I shared the room with 2 heavy-duty snoring Aussies (fun!) – thank God for Oropax (=Autrian Earplugs for my foreign readers:)))Yesterday I flew to Cairns – NOT a city I would like to send more time at voluntarily!- and I a tarting y dive trip in a few hours! So I will be offline for the nexty 7 days and continue my blog an the 27th..so long!

About Brita Graser

my biggest passion: travelling. That's why I created this blog - to share my adventures and experiences with of of those who have the same interest. enjoy!

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